Essential Equipment Every Tattoo Shop Needs

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A successful tattoo shop needs to have all the necessary items to be professional and attract customers. Although the industry is ever-changing, and the technology is evolving, the primary tools for a tattoo shop stay the same. It’s salient to start with the basic needs and work your way up.


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  1. Medical Supplies

You cannot start tattooing without having the mandatory medical supplies. Customers need to feel safe, and the shop needs to follow the health and hygiene regulations. The most common medical supplies are razors, bandages, sharps containers, cover sheets, latex and nitrile gloves.

For sterilization, you will need spray bottles and Vaseline, sanitizer and medical alcohol. These are the essential medical supplies so that the tattoo parlour is hygienic and the customers do not risk infection.

  1. Needle Supplies

You can opt-in for either traditional tattoo needles or needle cartridges. Traditional tattoo needles have pins that come in different sizes and shapes. These needles go into your tattoo machine, and you constantly need to change them depending on the tattoo.

Needle cartridges are more expensive than the traditional ones, but they are easier to use. You only need to change the tips on the machine, and when you finish, simply toss them into the garbage.

  1. Comfortable Chair

The tattooing chair is a must-have item, as, without it, it will not be a tattoo shop. Invest from the beginning in a high-quality chair so you won’t need to change it often. You can get a hydraulic chair that contains multiple support points. These chairs aren’t that expensive, and they do their job right.

High-end tattoo shops use electrical chairs, and these are more expensive. They can support up to 485 LBS (200 KG) and makes tattooing easier. Portable tattoo chairs are the simplest and cheapest type of chairs you can get on a budget. They are foldable, take up less space, and are lightweight.

  1. Printer

In order to guarantee a perfect elaborate tattoo, you will first need to make a tattoo stencil. A stencil is an outline of a drawing on carbon or thermal paper, transferred onto the skin. This will make it easier to follow the outline when you start tattooing on a client.

To create such stencils, you will need one of the business printers by Lenovo to simplify your tattooing process. Getting a printer reduces the risk of errors and mistakes and keeps customer satisfaction high.

  1. Artist’s Stool

It is very important to not neglect yourself in the process of buying equipment for your shop. This technician’s stool should be comfortable to ensure that you can work long hours without feeling sore. There are many types of chairs from hydraulic to ones with high-density foam and backrests. This stool needs to be lightweight and mobile to move around the client while tattooing.

To run a successful tattoo shop, you need to have the right equipment. As there is a lot to consider, take your time to decide what type of tools you need and how much money you can invest from the start. The items you get should be of high quality and prioritize customer safety.

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