Drowned Harbor

Drowned Harbor by JthreeConcepts, a Seattle-based design studio owned and operated by Jared Nickerson. The studio’s main focus is character, logo, videogame, editorial, and textile design. They also specialize in art direction and branding. Their client list includes Nike, Adidas, Coca-cola, Activision, K2 Snowboards, and CultureClub to name a few.


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Jared Nickerson has always been fascinated with murder mysteries. Each Drowned Harbor’s logo in itself took hours upon hours to perfect, and even then some were never completed 100%. The badges alone took weeks to get where he wanted them. He did try to incorporate inspiration from various eras in design, and illustrate how some of the stores etc. have been in the town for different periods of time, and how that would reflect on their branding and image.

Jared Nickerson
The whole Drowned Harbor collection is now available on DesignByHumans.
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Jared Nickerson is a professional digital illustrator based in Seattle. Jared is co-founder of renowned vector community Blood Sweat Vector. As well as being an illustrator, Jared is also an amateur music producer, song writer, and vocalist.
Drowned Harbor

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