Dead Boy by Jiri Geller

Dead Boy by Jiri Geller combines popular culture, death and religious iconography. The crown of thorns is placed on top of each individual skull, which may relate to Christian symbolism. Strongly inspired by pop culture, Finnish artist Jiri Geller defines himself as “an outsider, a punk rocker”.

We have featured some skull sculptures done by Jiri Geller before but here we are again with some designs not featured in that post:  Sugared Skulls by Jiri Geller‎

Dead Boy by Jiri Geller

Jiri Geller models and subverts the iconic forms of contemporary culture with vengeful precision. Geller is also the rare Finnish artist who has both managed to stay close to Finnish aesthetic strengths and traditions and also detonate his own unique brand of post-national, mind-fucker nihilism. His sculptures are elemental and essential, fascinated with death and violence, critical of the fake and phony, and ever aware of just how dark the world can be.

skull beige skull gold skull white

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