Crranky Skull Bottle Opener

Crranky has plans to be a lifestyle brand producing cool, unique and original stuff. Their first product just went live. The Crranky Skull Bottle Opener. More is coming. They have talent and passion for industrial design, graphic design, hand made goods and bespoke manufacturing. They want to make stuff they would want to buy. They are high-strung and intense. Their stuff is unique, original and finely crafted with attitude in Kansas, USA.


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Only one thing speaks to your identity more than the beer you drink and that would be the bottle opener you use. Time to get this awesome, rugged tough and well, freakin cool Skull Bottle Opener.

Crranky Skull Bottle Opener

Ok sure, you may be the type to throw back a Grape Nehi now and then. But that’s ok. You can still show everyone that you’re really a Hell’s Angel inside. That’s right, no matter who you are you can adorn the Crranky Skull Bottle Opener with the included steel key chain with your backpack, motorcycle keys, rear view mirror or around your lady’s neck.

Crranky Skull Bottle Opener 1

The Crranky Skull Bottle Opener Art Packaging is cool enough to keep on your desks or on your wall. Thin enough to keep on you. Strong enough to get the job done. Visit:

crranky skull package

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