Cosmos skull tattoo

Take a look at this stunning Cosmos skull tattoo done by Nick Chaboya. Silhouette of human skull is made of star cluster Pismis 24, which is inside the nebula NGC 6357, that extends one degree on the sky in the direction of the Scorpius constellation. Part of the nebula is ionized by the youngest (bluest) heavy stars in Pismis 24. The intense ultraviolet radiation from the blazing stars heats the gas surrounding the cluster and creates a bubble.

Cosmos skull tattoo

Nick Chaboya has quickly become one of the biggest names in the tattoo world with his quality art on canvas and skin. His paintings hang in prestigious places and his tattoos have won armfuls of awards all across the globe. Nick is always trying to advance with his ability and knowledge of tattooing so he can give his client the best piece he can do. He works privately in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We have featured some skull tattoos done by Nick Chaboya before but here we are again with this stunning tattoo.  Check out our post: Skull tattoos by Nick Chaboya, his tattoo and art gallery.

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.”- Allen Ginsberg.

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