Colorful Skull Tattoos by Nika Samarina

Based in Moscow, Russia, Nika Samarina treats the body as another form of canvas, inking them with vibrant images. Her tattoos are so colorful that they look like a body painting! So vibrant! The shading, the color, the amount of detail is just mind-blowing to me. Nika’s style is definitely unique! Be sure to visit her online to see her very impressive portfolio filled with many outstanding tattoos!


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There is a growing trend that people love to get tattoos in a more colorful and realistic style. Colors are the ingredients that fill our life with beauty and joy. Here is a collection of colorful skull tattoos by Nika Samarina looking very amazing and awesome. So which one would you pick for yourself?

carrion and roses tattoo sleeve by nika samarina Skull Tattoo by Nika Samarina skull tentacles and flowers tattoo by nika samarina heavenly motivesby nika samarina Colorful Skull Tattoos by Nika Samarina Colorful Skull Tattoos by Nika Samarina (2)

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