Chocolate Skulls

Craving something deliciously macabre? These luscious bite-sized Chocolate Skulls are the perfect gift for Halloween, Zombie lovers, Horror fans, Medical professionals and patients. They will be a great gift for a loved one or an incredible addition to an event that will get everyone talking.

Chocolate Skulls (2)

Skull Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans are a dark roasted 100% Arabica coffee bean coated with a hand poured rich and dark artisan chocolate. These Macabre shaped confections have a silky smooth and rich chocolate flavor melded with the crunch and taste of a perfectly roasted coffee bean.

Available here:

Skull Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

3D Solid Chocolate Skulls

Milk Chocolate

White Chocolate

Peanut Butter Skulls


Chocolate Skulls (3) Skulls Chocolate Skulls

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