The Cemetery Photography by Tunebm

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The Cemetery Photography by Tunebm is outstanding. This skull gravestone overgrown with moss is beautiful and scary at the same time. Skulls have been used as art and decoration for centuries. A skull means death and has to remind the living of it. Death isn’t something fun to think about or have to deal with. Unfortunately, it’s a sad part of our lives that we all experience at some point. But it’s also important to remember those we loved and all the unknowns who are resting. Cemeteries are a wonderful place to photograph because of their variety and rich history. Photographers are always looking for something new to invigorate their photography. Historic cemeteries offer a unique combination of art, atmosphere, and history. Many of the granite, limestone, and copper sculptures are simply breathtaking. It is difficult not to be moved by the impressive array of gravestones and sculptures, and the sheer amount of history represented by the cemetery’s many inhabitants.


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Antoine Michel Wemaer (1768 – 1837), a merchant from Bruges, Belgium, was buried in this very special grave at the Brugge General Cemetery,

Take a look at Tunebm photo gallery on Flickr for more photographs. The website is worth checking out!

The Cemetery Photography by Tunebm 1 The Cemetery Photography by Tunebm



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