Bronze Skull Candlestick by Jeff Deegan Designs

Give your home a subtle touch of death and decay with the Bronze Skull Candlestick by Jeff Deegan Designs. Absolutely perfect for anyone into the more macabre side of life and death. This is a creative and interesting way to add an edge to bedroom or living room.  It can decorates any kind of home and in almost all areas while giving personality to each of them.

Jeff Deegan Designs has been making buckles and jewelry in sterling and gold since 1980. They offer a broad selection of styles for both men and women. Distinctive, sophisticated design and lasting quality are the hallmarks of their reputation. Inspiration for the collections comes from nature or is distilled from iconic symbols. Jeff makes each original model by carving in wax or directly in metal, bringing the drawings to life with meticulous attention to detail and overall craftsmanship. The model is then cast in the traditional lost wax method. This artisan approach is what distinguishes this line and accounts for its timeless vitality.

Bronze Skull Candlestick by Jeff Deegan Designs

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