Bone Kitty Tattoo

Bone Kitty Tattoo inspired by Aleksandra Marchocka’s drawing.

Bone Kitty Tattoo

Aleksandra is a professional digital illustrator and a graphic designer from Poland. She began her work as a freelancer in 2007 and hers illustrations appeared in several books and magazines. After attending European Academy of Arts in Warsaw, she earned her Master of Arts degree in Graphic Design in 2009. Since then, she’s working in the entertainment and advertising industry, focusing on interactive media. In her personal artwork, she combines experience in traditional drawing and painting with digital art.

Come back here… you little heart thief…

Heart Thief

In her portfolio you can find a selection of her personal work, where cuteness and cruelty fade into one another. Most of her illustrations are inspired by childish yet brutal world of myths and fairy tales, pin-up art and oldschool tattoos. And all of them made with love to pink and black.

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