Bone China by Phoebe Richardson

Today we want to show you an awesome collection Bone China by Phoebe Richardson, a London based Graphic designer who strives to put a little something different on your plate. Inspired by 16th century medical engravings and bones from the Natural History Museum in London, Richardson has created the aptly named “Bone China” collection.  The name is not the only little sneak of humor in the collection which allows you to construct and deconstruct the human skeletal structure.

Bone China by Phoebe Richardson

The plates, which are called “The Super Model”  are designed by Phoebe and produced by The New English. They are also on display at the home of their original inspiration, the Natural History Museum! “Bone China” collection was her the most successful and commercial idea. Some of her amazing products you can purchase here:

Bone China by Phoebe Richardson 1

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