Black Skull Table

Skulls have been used as art and decoration for centuries, but have gained popularity only recently. Have a look at this stunning Black Skull Table designed by John Bizas. This limited edition black marble table is available in polished or mat black. It’s decorated with rococo style legs and 4 marble skulls, with a dark glass on the top.
You can give your home a subtle touch of death and decay with this amazing skull table.  This is a creative and interesting way to add an edge to your living room. If you’ve come into your fortune but don’t know how to spend it, then you can buy this stunning table for $30.000


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Black Skull Table 1 Black Skull Table

John Bizas was born in Greece. From early age he was interested in fine arts and soon got involved in doing sculpture and design. The material he prefers to use is mainly marble, which he works in a particular way. His passion for marble is what made him move to Italy where he lives and works. His characteristic style in sculptures is to use the empty space as material. With this he plays with the light of the ambient surrounding the sculpture and the glance of the viewer and letting both penetrate the form of the sculpture. As a result he creates marble sculptures very thin, light and delicate. He creates works of elegant design in limited editions, and always uses the marble as basic material.

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