Black Crystal Skull Mask

We love this amazing Black Crystal Skull Mask created by B.K. Lusk. This gorgeous sparkling skull has been created using hundreds of real jewel beads with real pearls, onyx, hematite and crystal! Its elegant and very unusual! Truly one of a kind! This fantastical and magical looking skull took weeks to create. Each stone was selected for size and shape and carefully and painstakingly applied by hand in an intricate array of patterns.

Black Crystal Skull Mask

B. K. Lusk has been a well selling artist for over a decade. Her work has been seen on television, in newspapers and publications nationally and you can find her art in galleries, private and corporate collections worldwide. You can also find reproductions of her work in stores, boutiques and online. The Black Crystal Skull Mask is available on Etsy: BKLuskArt

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