Anatomical Nesting Dolls

I just love these brilliant Anatomical Nesting Dolls by Stuntkid, illustrator Jason Levesque.


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Anatomical Nesting Dolls

Deep down, people are all the same – made of bones and organs. This Anatomical Nesting Doll reinforces that fact quite effectively. Take off the outer layer that shows a person complete with skin and hair, and you’ll see bones. Open the bone layer, and you’ll see a brain, a heart, two lungs, and some intestines.

Anatomical Nesting Dolls 1

The Anatomical Nesting Doll was created to be included in show at the Rothick Art Haus. So, we’re all the same on the inside, there’s a nesting doll shaped like organs inside of each one of us!

Anatomical Nesting Dolls 2

Jason Levesque is a self taught artist living in Norfolk, VA. His work borrows from his fascination with biology and the earth sciences. Stuntkid’s illustrations have been commissioned for use in magazines and periodicals worldwide, from playstation magazine to german latex fetish magazines.

The illustrations at his blog are quite striking and worth a look.

More about Stuntkid at skullspiration:

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