Amazing Skull Tattoo by Julian Siebert

This amazing skull tattoo by Julian Siebert (Corpsepainter Tattoo, Germany) was done at 11th London Tattoo Convention, 25/26/27 September 2015 and got 1st place Best of Show.
Done on Thomas Harlander over the course of three days, a total of 24 hours of tattooing on the ribs, throat and torso. The finished work is far beyond amazing! The amount of detail and artistic skill that is put into this piece is truly extraordinary. This tattoo is so colorful that it looks like a body painting! So vibrant! The shading, the color, the amount of detail is just mind-blowing to me.
Julian is without a doubt one of the most talented tattoo artists in the world.


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Be sure to visit Julian online. His awesome portfolio is filled with original and unique tattoos:
website: Corpsepainter Tattoo
facebook: Corpsepainter-Tattoo-Piercing
instagram: corpsepainter

There is a growing trend that people love to get tattoos in a more colorful and realistic style. Colors are the ingredients that fill our life with beauty and joy.

1st place Best of Show 11th London Tattoo Convention 2015 Julian Siebert and Thomas Harlander Thomas Harlander Amazing skull tattoo by Julian Siebert

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