6 Crafty Ideas on How to Add More Skull Elements to Your Wardrobe

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The popularity of skulls goes far beyond the Halloween celebration and it is safe to say, they are a kind of permanent trend across the fashion industry. However, not all brands are ready to adorn their collections with these сontroversial images, and when they do, such clothes pieces are often too pricey. If you are one of those who are looking to spice up your life and wardrobe with unique skulls, check out our 6 crafty ideas on how to add them to your clothes easily and without spending a fortune on the amazing item no one else has.


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Idea #1: Unleash Your Inner Painter

Did you know that with fabric paint you can turn the simplest white T-shirt into a designer masterpiece? And not only a T-shirt. Name the piece from your wardrobe and start creating – a jacket, dress, a pair of jeans, a skirt – your options are endless. Unleash your inner painter, choose a color of fabric paint you’d like to use, take a paintbrush, and voila, here is your personalized piece with the most amazing skull (or skulls) you have ever seen!

You can also use a foam brush if your picture is going to be pretty large and it is up to you to decide whether to take advantage of a stencil or just let your hand create freely. If you want to decorate your jacket or jeans with more skulls that look the same, then a stencil is mandatory. You can cut it out of paper or cardboard or perhaps, you have already bought one at those fancy stores for stationery addicts.

Idea #2:  Use 3D Artwork

If you want something really awesome and at the same time, long-lasting, durable, and resistant to washing at higher temperatures, then fabric paint is not the best option. Following the example of some fashion designers, many people who are looking for unique stuff have opted for buying cool custom pvc patches, which are the perfect choice for all kinds of use. The idea is pretty simple yet fantastic because you can order high-quality patches fully tailored to your personal taste and preferences. What’s more, they can be made as 2D or 3D designs and that takes the whole story of your skull fascination to the next level literally. You can order as many pieces as you need and even enhance them with magnetic backing, glow in the dark, and metallic add-ons.

Idea #3: Create A Monogram

Having your own skull monogram is freshtastic! Well, to transfer this idea onto your clothes, you will need a monogramming machine and some sewing skills but your efforts will pay off. If you do not have a special machine, you still can try to do it with your hands but chances are you won’t be happy with the results unless you are not a seasoned sewer. However, if you are pretty sure that a monogram is that perfect décor you can’t live without, do a bit of research and find a professional monogrammer in the neighborhood. Just be sure to make a sketch in advance, the more detailed, the better.

Idea #4: Iron A Skull On 

Both online and offline markets are chock-full of various iron-on transfers and we are pretty sure, you won’t have any problem finding the one that matches your taste. These transfers are ready to be ironed on your clothing and the whole process is a piece of cake. Just double-check the instructions on how long you have to iron the design, this info is of utmost importance because if you iron it too short, it won’t stick nicely to the material while if you keep the iron on its surface for too long, you may spoil both the transfer and the piece of clothes.

Also, make sure to get familiar with the rules on the further treatment of your piece, for instance, the allowed washing temperature. If you are not able to find something you like at the stores, you can design your own transfer, buy a special transfer paper, and print your creation out leveraging the technical capabilities of your home printer.

Idea #5: Make An Insert

It is a great technique used by many designers and brands, so why not steal some of their cunning ideas? You can apply this method on T-shirts, jeans, and all other items with not very thick material. You will need to carefully cut a skull design into the piece (let’s make it a T-shirt) and create lace inserts to fit into the spot. Contrast is important, hence play with different variants. For instance, you can use black lace for white, yellow, or even pink T-shirts or vice versa. Make sure that your T-shirt is made of quality fabric that won’t crumble when cut with scissors, cotton is usually a good choice, as well as linen and flannel. Once cut, your lace skull can be either sewed into the T-shirt or ironed with hem tape.

Idea #6: Bleach It

Take a bleach pen, shake it up, and draw a skull of your choice by hand or using a stencil. This is pretty much all, now just rinse your piece of clothes in cold water. Although the whole process sounds really easy, in reality, you may encounter some catches such as too weak bleaching effect or uneven shape of your design. Try to stick with the manufacturer’s instructions on how long the bleach should sit for the best results and keep in mind that clothes of light colors are not suitable for this method. Again, look for contrast, and perhaps, you can test the effects of your bleach pen on a similar material before applying it to your favorite T-shirt.

As you can see, there is a host of easy and creative ways to add more of your favorite skull elements to your wardrobe. Some of them are foolproof, some require certain skills and patience. You can try them one by one to figure out the idea which works for you the best. The main thing is you will get a unique piece fully tailored to your taste.

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