5 Video Games for Goths and Metal Heads

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There is something that video games provide goths and metal heads with that very few other creative or entertainment outlets can. Whether it’s a dark and brooding fantasy role playing game or a fast-paced and graphic RPG shooter, certain video games provide an escapism embedded in a setting and skull-filled aesthetic that allows goths and metal heads to fully immerse themselves in a world that they adore.

The five games below are some of the best examples of this type of thrilling and gripping entertainment available to goths and metal heads. From slaying monsters to patrolling the corridors of Arkham Asylum, playing tense poker games laden with skull accessories and battling it out in chainsaw duels, the titles below have everything that grunge and punk lovers could wish for.

1. Bloodborne

Even the most dedicated of gamers have considered throwing in the towel when playing Bloodborne, often cited as one of the most difficult video games ever created. While this has led to the 2015 role-player to be criticized for being inaccessible to inexperienced gamers, it is also one of its main attractions.

The city of Yharnam awaits players. A huge, gothic metropolis that is inhabited by plagued beasts provides the setting for this mysterious and spooky thriller, as a highly-customizable protagonist works their way through the city, fighting monsters with a variety of awesome weapons. This game’s aesthetic is highly attractive to goths, as is its compelling and creepy storyline.

2. Thrilling Online Casino Games

Online casinos are home to many exciting video game-esque activities such as slots, online blackjack or video poker. For the thrill-seeking and jackpot-chasing goth or metal head, online casinos are fantastic places to find games that have gothic themes while also offering the chance to win real money.

The perfect example of how online casinos and the gothic aesthetic go hand in hand is the widespread use of skulls in poker accessories and the eerie language that accompanies the game, such as ‘Dead Man’s Hand’ and ‘bounties’.

Another thrilling type of game available at online casinos are slots, which can vary from standard slots to themed slots, multi-jackpot slots and hot drop slots. Alongside simply lining up matching symbols – which could include skulls, gems, potions and other spooky or magical items – to win money, slots can include bonus features like free spins, frozen symbols, and hourly payouts. This makes slot games unpredictable and incredibly exciting, great for those looking for a gaming experience filled with shocks and surprises. Anybody looking to get started with online casino gaming and the aforementioned slots games can try out the games available at www.slots.lv/casino/jackpots/hot-drop, especially the ultra-exciting daily jackpots.

3. Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman in general is a big favorite with gothic personalities. Batman comics, games and films have developed a shadowy and gritty appearance underpinned by brutal fights, terrifying and corrupt villains and somber storylines.

The 2009 game Batman: Arkham Asylum has players control Batman, trapped inside the asylum that hosts many of his famous foes as he tries to avoid detection and eventually take down his arch-nemesis the Joker. The game is dark and filled with gothic appearances, not least when using Batman’s “Detective Vision” which allows him to track enemies, making them appear as fluorescent skeletons.

4. Gears of War 2

Although there have now been six instalments of the Gears of War franchise, Gears of War 2 is still considered as the pinnacle of the set. Released in 2008, Gears of War 2 was one of the first titles to combine a fascinating and twisting storyline with incredible graphics, stunning voice acting and truly innovative gameplay.

What will attract goths and metal heads to this feature is the gruesome enemies – known as the ‘Locust’, monsters which are swallowing the world from below the ground – and its exhilarating fight sequences. What Gears of War 2 introduced from its predecessor was chainsaw combat, which brought with it gripping battles and the very graphic destruction of the poison-filled beasts that the player is trying to eradicate.

5. Dark Souls 2

Brought by the same creative director as Bloodborne – Hidetaka Miyazaki – Dark Souls 2 is a typically tough, brooding and medieval-styled exploration game. This gothic fantasy is one of the best titles of the past decade, combining an almost uncountable number of weapons, armor, potions and friendly characters with an enemy pool that few can say they have defeated to full completion.

Dark Souls 2 is a true epic, complete with all of the attributes that goths and metal heads would be attracted to. The undead, monsters, magic and more are all present in the basic title, while downloadable content allows players to add better graphics, more multiplayer options and other modifications.

The most unique part of Miyazaki’s games are how easy it is for enemies to defeat the protagonist – unlike games where characters can take many hits before expiring, the playable characters of Dark Souls 2 and Bloodborne can often only withstand a few direct hits from enemies. This makes it the perfect game for those looking for thrills and tough challenges. 

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