20 skeleton rib cage tattoo designs

It looks like tattoos are everywhere nowadays, but they’ve actually been around for ages. Dr. David Lane (Illinois State University) has done extensive research on tattooing and said that tattooing has been around for at least 5000 years. Tattoos can come in all kinds of shapes and forms. Over the course of history, one of the popular tattoo designs is the skull.


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ribs and flowers

Skull and skeleton tattoos can mean recognition of death, celebration of life, and everything in between. Many people consider skull and skeleton tattoos to mean death or anger, but the skull is more than a symbol of death, it’s a symbol of the celebration of life.

 rose and skeleton cage tattooribs cage tattoo

Here we have created a post featuring 20 skeleton rib cage tattoo designs looking quite amazing and awesome. So which one of these skeleton rib cage tattoo designs would you pick for yourself?

skeleton skeleton tattoo skeleton rib cage tattoo designs skeleton anatomy skeleron ribs MARLA MOON ribs tattootattoo-dotwork-arm-skeleton Skeleton Heart heart made of many ribs rib heart tattoo rib tattoo ribs heart tattooskeleton rib cage hand tattoo1 bird and ribs bird rib cage skeleton rib cage tattoo designs 1

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