13 Skull Drawings by Laurie Lipton

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Here we have created a post featuring 13 Skull Drawings by Laurie Lipton. Her drawings are very detailed. Laurie was born in New York and has been drawing since the age of four. She draws for at least six hours every day.


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Laurie Lipton work has been exhibited in Europe and the USA. She was inspired by the religious paintings of the Flemish School and developed a unique cross-hatching drawing technique. Her weird way of drawing took a shocking amount of time. Her teachers tried to dissuade her and get her to “draw for drawing’s sake” and loosen up, but she knew what she wanted. She ached to make something no one had ever seen before with pencil.

There is more to discover. Go check out her gallery and get inspired! Visit her website laurielipton.com

Laurie Lipton 1 Laurie Lipton 2 Laurie Lipton 3 Laurie Lipton 4 Laurie Lipton 5 Laurie Lipton 6 Laurie Lipton 7 Laurie Lipton 8 Laurie Lipton 9 Laurie Lipton 10 Laurie Lipton 11 Laurie Lipton 12 Laurie Lipton

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