”The circle of life” tattoo by Kostas Baronis Proki

”The circle of life” tattoo by Kostas Baronis Proki from Proki Tattoo studio in Athens, Greece. Proki masters just about anything custom made in that genre. Color or black and grey,  realistic, horror, surrealistic and wildlife. Go check out his extremely impressive portfolio today and get inspired!  

''The circle of life'' tattoo by Kostas Baronis Proki

”The circle of life” is when you are born, you live, become grandparents and then you die. It is in between all this we learn from others and pass the torch on to the next generation and the ”the circle of life” starts all over again. Life is a road with some bumpy patches, but hopefully for most of us the road is a smooth one and the odd bump doesn’t deter us.

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