Transcendence by Phillip Wells

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Transcendence by Phillip Wells is his self portrait. This was definitely a fun project for him. Developing a conceptual self portrait definitely stimulates the subconscious. Phillip was tasked with creating a poster for a solo show containing a conceptual self portrait. This work varies slightly form his normal pieces, simply because he couldn’t resist rendering the skull!


Phillip Wells grew up doodling in notebooks and napkins always with a passion for drawing and artistic expression. He studied the fine art of illustration and specializes in editorial, portrait, travel and food illustration.

‘Art is an outlet for individuality and truth should always remain uncensored. My illustration business exists to communicate the truth of whom I am as well as to promote understanding of current events through powerful, yet simple imagery.’

There is more to discover, Phillip’s work is very varied. You can follow him on:

Transcendence by Phillip Wells

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