Too Much TV Painting

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Too Much TV by Anthony Granato is an original mixed media painting beautifully finished in oils. The painting was made to fit the distressed antique frame you see here. The combined result is spectacular!

Anthony Granato describes his own work as mixed media, though he says he truly considers himself a painter. He loves all art: painting, photography, drawing, print making, sculpting and digital graphics. Anthony starts with the answer and work backwards. He begins with the final product then figure out how to make it happen. He takes elements he has drawn, sculpted or photographed and scan them into the computer. Once in the computer, Anthony brings them all together and merge them into one cohesive image. They are then printed with fully archival materials, mounted on board and then finished in oils. What makes his work truly unique is he makes the artwork to fit the frames instead of vice versa.

Go check out his work today and get inspired! Visit his website

Most of his amazing artworks are available here:

Too Much TV PaintingToo Much TV Painting 1


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