Skull Purple Butterfly By Noon

K.OLin tribu has joined French artist NooN to create another of their porcelain designs. I love the contrast between the delicacy of the butterflies and the skull design. The two created a white porcelain skull sculpture, decorated with a purple butterfly design. Porcelain, symbol of luxury and refinement, attracts collectors of unique pieces more than ...

Skull-ptures by Hedi Xandt

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Today we want to show you interesting and frightening skull-ptures by Hedi Xandt. This very talented young artist is blending materials and visions in ways previously inconceivable. Deconstructing and literally tearing classical renaissance-style busts, Xandt is crafting unique and brilliant pieces with materials such as gold and bronze that are the height of intrigue. He imagined interesting sculptures ...

Skeleton Cutlery

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Artist André Lassen designed a set of sinister Skeleton Cutlery that Raven Armoury is selling in stainless steel or bronze. Great for your evil overlord dinner parties! One set consists of a knife, fork and spoon. You're not really Goth until you carve up your bloody steak with this skeleton set by Andre Lassen. Absolutely perfect for ...

Dead Boy by Jiri Geller

Dead Boy by Jiri Geller combines popular culture, death and religious iconography. The crown of thorns is placed on top of each individual skull, which may relate to Christian symbolism. Strongly inspired by pop culture, Finnish artist Jiri Geller defines himself as “an outsider, a punk rocker”. We have featured some skull sculptures done by Jiri Geller before but ...

Sugared Skulls by Jiri Geller

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Have a look at this awesome Sugared Skulls by Jiri Geller. Strongly inspired by pop culture, Finnish artist Jiri Geller defines himself as “an outsider, a punk rocker”. Perhaps Geller’s work attempts to present the skull as an abstract or an ambiguous subject. The resin sculptures where given a bright, colorful exterior decorated in polka dot patterns. Jiri Geller models and ...

Till The End

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Check out these unique miniature landscapes upon two full size skulls. Till The End by Jeremy D Fisher was made with resin, plaster, grout, magic sculpt, wire, miniature model trees, deer, fake grass, and pebble. Jeremy D Fisher is a Stop Motion Animator and Fine Artist currently working in Los Angeles. You can purchase these sculptures here:

Three Degrees of Certainty II

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New work by Canadian based artist Maskull Lasserre, entitled Incarnate (Three Degrees of Certainty II), a skull is carved into old computer manuals representing the death of the printed manual. Maskull Lasserre doesn’t read the manual. But unlike any of us, he puts them in a vice grip and makes extraordinary art out of them. The transformation of materials and ...

The Skulls of Cris Brodahl

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Today we want to show you The Skulls of Cris Brodahl. Cris Brodahl is a contemporary visual artist from Belgium. Her paintings are based on collages she makes from magazine images.  She has also worked in sculpture, which is the primary focus here. She has shown internationally in exhibitions including. She is represented by Xavier Hufkens in Brussels, ...

Porcelain Skull by K.olin tribu and NooN

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  Have a look at this amazing Porcelain Skull by K.olin tribu and NooN. French brand K.olin tribu is known for porcelain creations in collaboration with artists. K.olin tribu is back in 2013 and presents first project with young French artist NooN. Entitled “Black Flower”, the two created a white porcelain skull sculpture, decorated with an all over black flower ...

Monolith by Balint Zsako

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'Monument' - Monolith by Balint Zsako is a nine-foot tall collage of skeletons in his exhibition at the Loyola University Museum of Art. This sculptures are composed solely of paper. Zsako’s collage has a wonderfully realistic quality, as the bones are sourced from an early nineteenth-century anatomy book. The monument is flanked by cutouts of a ...

Crystal skull

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This Crystal Skull carved from an Amethyst Geode is outstanding! Add a relaxing touch your home or office with this translucent amethyst carved skull. Unlike the recent Indiana Jones movie, these crystal skull doesn’t suck, and will be a centerpiece of conversation no matter where you put it. A wide range of such amazing Crystal Skulls you ...

Skull by Tomohiro Inaba

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Today we want to show you this incredible Skull by Tomohiro Inaba. The sculpture appears to start off anatomically perfect, a black skull resting on its chin, but devolves into an impossibly complex tangle of steel wire that twists vertically into the sky like violent pencil scribbles. This wire sculpture by Tomohiro Inaba appears to be ...

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