Skull drawing by Felipe Sardenberg

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Skull art is not a new idea. Skulls and skeletons have been used as art for centuries, but have gained immense popularity only recently. Check out this amazing Skull drawing by Felipe Sardenberg, an artist from Brasil. You will find a lot of well-known characters in his portfolio. Check out his work today and get inspierd:

Ballpoint pen drawing by Paul Alexander Thornton

This time we want to show you this Ballpoint pen drawing by Paul Alexander Thornton, a fine artist, illustrator and pattern designer based in England. He loves ballpoint pens and his work is some of the best ballpoint pen action you will see. Thorton’s art has three particular obsessions: skulls, flowers, and ball point pen. He documents ...

Skull King

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Skull King art print on an authentic antique paper from Vintage Dictionary. Every creation is unique, you will receive the similar image but not identical since it involves HAND PAINTING in acrylic on a different page of the antique paper including the beauty signs through time. Every artwork is hand signed and dated on back. You ...

Skull balloon illustration

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Skull balloon illustration by Christian Bienefeld, an artist from Germany working as a freelance illustrator.  He has a dark, morbid style. Often draws people with black faces and seems to like neutral, non vibrant colors. Also he is a photographer, interested in taking photos of cities and landscapes.