OMG Literally Dead

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OMG Literally Dead is an Instagram profile for the Halloween skeleton created by Social Media Manager Dana Herlihey. Skellie is a girl who means it when she says she’s “literally dead.” Three months after Dana's first post she’s still posing and photographing Skellie and crafting her personality. “I continued taking photos of the skeleton and then, on a ...

Protect And Survive

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Protect And Survive is a photo made by Peter Kennard in 1980. Kennard was born in London in 1949. He is senior tutor in photography and his work is in many major collections. His work has been published in numerous publications including The Guardian, Sunday Times, The Telegraph and Time Magazine. Ever since Peter Kennard was a ...

Skull and Bone Sculptures by Francois Robert

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Have a look at this awesome Skull and Bone Sculptures by Francois Robert. Photographer Francois Robert, born in Switzerland, is renowned for his commercial work. His fine-art photography is equally provocative and covers a wide range of subjects from evocative Polaroid transfer prints, to candid street and travel photographs, and still-lifes. Some of Robert's clients include Coca-Cola, ...

Viktor Vauthier photo

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In a world where we are constantly bombarded with artificial images, Viktor Vauthier's photography is a breath of Fresh air. Born in south of France and living in London. Using 35mm cameras, no airbrushing or elaborate lighting, Vauthier's images are voyeuristic and addictive. From:

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