Pulp Fiction skulls

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  Pulp Fiction skulls by Jose Pulido. This is a limited edition Gocco screenprint titled Pulp Fiction Calaveras. It is a one color print with Black ink on a sheet of Coventry Rag Paper, great for framing. Each one is printed by hand so they are all unique and may have slight variations. Available here: pulp-fiction-calaveras-limited-edition

Skulls by Tom French

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This time we want to show you these awesome Skulls by Tom French. The central allegory of Mortality and Time – skull – may never loose its trend in art. Skull is a main subject of Tom French's figurative drawings. In his works he carefully combines detailed photorealism with strong elements of abstraction and surrealism, focusing on the ...

Skull drawing by Felipe Sardenberg

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Skull art is not a new idea. Skulls and skeletons have been used as art for centuries, but have gained immense popularity only recently. Check out this amazing Skull drawing by Felipe Sardenberg, an artist from Brasil. You will find a lot of well-known characters in his portfolio. Check out his work today and get inspierd: facebook.com fsardenberg.blogspot.com.br fsardenberg.deviantart.com

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