Unhinged by Aaron Lovett

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Unhinged by Aaron Lovett is the book cover for "Nightmares Unhinged"- the 280-page book featuring 20 stories from award winning authors. (Amazon: Nightmares Unhinged: Twenty Tales of Terror) The synopsis for Nightmares Unhinged reads: Nightmares come in many forms. Some rend the veil of sleep with heart-stopping madness. Others defy sanity to leave a helpless corner of your mind twitching ...

Skull embroidery on toilet paper

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Los Angeles based sculptor and painter, Andrea Guzzetta has created a series of skull embroidery on toilet paper to express her quarantine feels. Can't complain "I'm safe at home, not working right now. It's hard to feel like I have any right to complain or be anxious in comparison to people working in hospitals ...

Skull artwork by Nigel Evan Dennis

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This amazing skull artwork by Nigel Evan Dennis was created for Pomegranates album "One of Us" available on Afternoon Records. Nigel is a young artist out of Chicago, working under the name “Electric Heat”. He blends fine art with digital innovation. His advertising work has been seen world wide, and features a mix of illustration and photography. Nigel's work ...

Bearded by Vadim Zhulanov

Vadim Zhulanov is a Graphic Designer based in Moscow, Russia. His web portfolio illustrates various techniques of classical art and computer graphics. Art and creativity are the main things in his life. Being engaged in art he has found himself in another reality of magic and colors. Visit Vadim online! behance.net/artbyvad Have a look at this cool bearded skull.

Skull Illustrations by Joan Alturo

Have a look at these amazing Skull Illustrations by Joan Alturo aka Bec Negre from Barcelona, Spain. Joan is one of our fans and from now on we are also his fans. He is a freelance illustrator and tattooer. His artwork is usually related to skateboarding, the underground fanzines and punk, crust, metal and trash metal music. Joan's work is varied. Follow him ...

Amazing Skull Drawings by Venla Hannola

Venla Hannola is a young talented artist from Finland. Her Instagram gallery is filled with many beautiful and amazing drawings, including a rich variety of work in color as well as black and white. Venla specializes in different types of drawing techniques and illustration. Her artworks are very precise and detailed. Go check out her work today and get inspired! Instagram: vvvenla_art

Burton Rebirth Snowboard Design by Tyler Poyant

Absolutely love this amazing Burton Rebirth Snowboard design by Tyler Poyant! Skulls and flowers always look great! Tyler has worked on projects for clients including the College of Visual and Preforming Arts, Chevrolet, and the Discovery Channel. He now runs his own brand I Heart It apparel which has been featured in Urban Outfitters. Visit Tyler online ...

Skull Illustration by Fernando De Paiva

Have a look at this amazing skull illustration by Fernando De Paiva! This very talented Brazilian illustrator and a tattoo artist specializes in illustration works, sketches and paintings. Fernando's illustrations and paintings are so accurate that they look like photographs. His Instagram gallery is filled with hundreds of drawings, sketches, watercolors of well known people. Go check out his work today and ...

Skull Drawings by Ruben WestSide Ramos

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The works of artist Ruben WestSide Ramos are so accurate that most people think his creations are actually photographs. I have seen many amazing skull drawings and paintings but these are my favorite! This self-taught artist draws realistic pictures that blow my mind. Ruben likes to draw people and his Instagram gallery is filled with hundreds of drawings, sketches, watercolors of well ...

The Cage by Joseph Loughborough

Joseph Loughborough creates dark and grotesque, yet delicate and beautiful charcoal drawings. This British artist works mainly with charcoal on paper and focuses on the expressive and impulsive execution of form and line that has become his trademark. His work is often assumed to be computer generated but is all created using charcoal, acrylic, oil or whatever ...

Skulltopus by Eric Pineda

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Eric 'Playkill' Pineda works with mixed media and digital art and pushes himself to discover new horizons. His artwork has been shown in many popular art shows. Eric is always on a journey of discovering and expanding his craft. His talent, creativity and natural curiosity make him the best example of an artist with no limits. Have ...

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