Death and the Maiden

Death and the Maiden by PJ Lynch is an absolutely beautiful painting. This is a motif that has recurred through Art since medieval times. PJ wanted to explore it without being too literally illustrative. He is an Irish artist and illustrator of children's books, he has also designed posters, stamps and book covers. You can visit his website here: PJ Lynch ...

Do not open

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Do not open! I love this awesome tomb's door. This picture was taken at The Evangelical Cemetery of the Augsburg Confession in Warsaw, Poland. More than 100,000 people have been buried at the cemetery since its opening in 1792. The author of this photo is a young photographer Alexandra from Poland. Because of its association with death, ...

Life’s Deadly Disease

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Life’s Deadly Disease is an illustration by Jeremy Young, a 17 years old self-taught digital artist from New Zealand. He has established a personal style which makes his works differ from the norm. Color and minimalism play a big part in his works. Jeremy has always had an interest in art and making things from a very young age. He ...

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