Art Altered Anatomy Collection

Art Altered Anatomy Collection - handmade in Albuquerque, US. Perfect as a gift and a cool gadget. With more than 300 different products it’s impossible not to find something you love. They have many skull and anatomy gifts you can imagine, and all in one place. You can express your individuality and rebel against mainstream fashion with their range of skull items. Art Altered ...

Dots of Anatomy

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Dots of Anatomy by Fabian Kohen from Orlando, USA. In this project he created parts of the body using very small dots. He spent a lot of time drawing parts of the human skeleton and muscle groups. This is completely done with a fine tip pen and dots to make up the image.  He is a graphic designer with a great ...

Inhuman Anatomy by Alessandro Conti

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Inhuman Anatomy by Alessandro Conti. Italian digital artist Alessandro Conti’s Inhuman Anatomy series details the anatomy of beloved Disney characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and Pluto. It sounds like Alessandro’s gotten some great feedback on his Inhuman series and will continue to do more. Keep an eye out!   Also, is anyone else slightly freaked out by Mickey ...

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