Skulls carved out of Fruit and Veggies

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Skulls carved out of Fruit and Veggies by Russian artist Dimitri Tsykalov. The art carving creepy faces isn’t a new concept, but Dimitri Tsykalov has set a new benchmark in terms of creativity and technique with his horror-tastic series of skulls carved into various fruit and vegetables. Creative, cool and more than a little morbid here’s some of our picks from Dimtri’s work, which you can view the full extent of here.

Skulls carved out of Fruit and Veggies

Dimitri Tsykalov will never be accused of being uninspired with his medium, or artistic message. He frequently uses unique substances to create thought provoking pieces; with fruit skulls, meat armor, and wooden organs on his resume, he’s an artist with a message and the skills to get it across.

Skulls dimitri-tsykalov-skulls

Fruit is not an intimidating artistic medium, but Dimitri Tsykalov gives it a morbid spin with his intriguing fruit skulls. These anatomically correct sculptures are eerie and definitely appetite killing.

Skulls carved dimitri tsykalov

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