Skull thigh tattoo

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We just love this skull thigh tattoo. The skull is one of the enduring tattoo designs. Skull tattoos are not just for guys anymore. They have come to represent something much more masculine than feminine. Women who opt for a skull tattoo may choose a more feminine skull tattoo design to smooth out the edges a little bit. 

Skull thigh tattoo

It’s not uncommon nowadays to have fully customized inked versions of the skull at particular parts of the body. Some may view it as strictly for show. Often, there’s a reason why people have it inked that way. Just like any other tattoo, what it really means sometimes can only be answered by the person who got it done. Being tattooed with a skull nowadays can take on a completely different meaning altogether. It all depends on the person being inked on how she sees the art form going to her flesh.

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