Skull tattoo by Pietro Romano aka P’Ink

Pietro Romano, aka P’ink, was born in Torino, 1978.  He followed the forms of artistic expression by attending the Fine Art Academy in Bologna and by opening exhibition space. He has participated in events with both paintings and installations which following the same line of thought by urging the viewer to read beyond the visual surface.

Skull tattoo by Pietro Romano aka P’Ink

He lives between UK, Holland, Italy and Spain, working as a visual and tattoo artist. During last 10 years he traveled and worked in different studios, always trying to upgrade and open his own knowledge in the art of tattooing. Mostly concentrated to study the Japanese approach to this discipline, he recently opened his view to a more contemporary direction. Leaving colors behind, he started a ”black and red”-graphic iconography, more connected to a Dada and Expressionist avanguarde – and mostly related to his own knowledge and work in art, then the proper tattoo ones, but without forgetting the composition and structural lesson learned from the Japanese art.

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