Memento by Laurent Fièvre

Memento by Laurent Fièvre.

Into the imagination of Laurent Fièvre is risking a dizzying look through one-way mirror, the bottom is not lined by a clever mix of tears, bile and lymph. This mud is abundant where the soil is up our stubborn nightmares, the most feared because we also gather all awake. It is the dregs of shame, neuroses and obsessions that, hour by hour, century after century, is deposited in the depths of our humanity. The artist has made the centerpiece of his shade palette.
As escaped a large leper became prolific workshop, emaciated creatures designed by the painter to have a long cord and even chain disassembly. Subtracted and divided the human material in various mutilations breath of recreation. The artist is the builder of monsters by demolitions. But if demolished, it is the tip of the chisel. For burning emotion in the marble flesh guess patience as thoroughness.

Memento by Laurent Fièvre

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