La Bicicletta Coffee

Start your day on a high note with this delectable blend of floral and toasted nut with ripe fruit and milk chocolate. All you need is La Bicicletta Coffee!

DOMA Coffee Roasting Company purchases certified organic, fair-traded and direct relationship coffees. As a member of Cooperative Coffees, we’ve made a commitment to place the farmers, their identity, and their product front and center. We do not hide behind anecdotes of sourcing from secret, mystical mountains – we want you to know the people that grow our coffee and the cooperative organizations that they own and manage.

Their tagline, “Coffee. Culture.Meaning” is much more than a slogan. The meaning part of their motto is shown through their direct relationship practice. DOMA wants to know who is growing their coffee. They visit the farmers, cup coffees together, and share knowledge so that the farmers can produce the best coffee. To top it off, all of the coffee that DOMA purchases is above the fair trade price. They are committed to building and supporting equitable and sustainable trade relationships for the benefit of the farmers and their exporting cooperative, families, and communities.

La Bicicletta Coffee

Get hyped on DOMA Coffee. Not just because of the caffeine, but because they are on a mission to be an environmentally sound company that also roasts great coffee. The majority of coffee they purchase is organic, and they use all eco-friendly processes in their workplace. All of their lighting is ultra-high-efficiency, they print material on recycled paper with vegetable based inks and all cleaning products are 100% toxin free.

Currently at DOMA all lighting is ultra-high-efficiency, print material is on recycled paper with vegetable-based inks and cleaning products are 100% toxin free. They’ll continue to reduce, reuse and recycle in more efficient and effective ways.

Learn more about DOMA, their culture and the coffee on their site. Be sure to browse their variety of coffee blends too.

You can order this amazing coffee here:

Doma Coffee – La Bicicletta – Boy Coffee Beans – 1 lb

Doma Coffee – La Bicicletta – Girl Coffee Beans – 1 lb

Doma Coffee – The Chronic – Organic Coffee Beans – 2 lbs

Doma Coffee – Ethiopia Sidamo Organic Coffee Beans – 2 lbs

Doma Coffee – Primo’s Coffee Beans – 2 lbs

Doma Coffee – Bella Luna – Decaf Coffee Beans – 2 lbs

Doma Coffee – Urth Organic Blend Coffee Beans – 2 lbs

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