Keyboard Skull

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Keyboard Skull (‘Antisocial Network’) by Maurice Mbikayi is made of computer keys and resin. This work symbolizes the internet addiction and consequences that occur nowadays. It also emphasizes negative effects of being reliant to the new technology and internet. Sadly the more we experience it the more we are reliant to it. Mbikayi skillfully integrates found materials and political themes, producing works that are fresh and startling. He uses keyboard keys as a sculpting media and has created various silhouette-inspired works integrating the keys in unique ways.

Keyboard Skull

Maurice Mbikayi was born in  the Democratic Republic of Congo. He graduated with a diploma in Graphic Design and visual communication, then decided to  expand his horizons and moved to South Africa. Since arriving in South Africa, he has participated in various group and solo exhibitions. Maurice has used art for therapeutic purposes within the broader community, and explores various aspects of visual art and public performances, as a way of engaging the public and interrogating socio- political boundaries.

From Maurice’s artist statement:

‘My work is primarily related with Identity, History and technology seeking to interrogate socio-political boundaries. And as cultural activist I’m interested in identity, origin and space. How an individual can compromise, renegotiate space, and adapt to become reborn. I also investigate the effects of technology on identity and history, while unpacking the ways in which technology has had an impact on diverse African populations. As an artist, I draw on the numerous technological resources available for realizing some ideas more efficiently.’

Board Skull

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