Jack Skellington Cupcakes

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The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of our favorite Halloween movies. The animated film occupies a special place in the Halloween celebrations of many families. The character of Jack Skellington enjoys a similar popularity. Making these cupcakes brings the character to life in a fun way for any kind of Halloween gathering. Once you realize how easy these cupcakes are to make, you’ll be making them for Halloween.

Jack Skellington CupcakesView recipe: spoonful.com


Jack Skellington Cupcakes 1View recipe: notquitenigella.com


Jack Skellington Cupcakes (1)

View recipe: pixiecrust.blogspot.com


Nightmare before christmas cupcakes

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cupcakesView recipe: amymccracken.com


Nightmare before christmas cupcakes 1

View recipe: parislovespastry.com


Jack cupcakeView recipe: confessionsofacookbookqueen.com


Nightmare before christmas cupcakes 2View recipe: willcookforfriends.com




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