Fruits from the Bone Orchard

Fruits from the Bone Orchard is part of an ongoing series of watercolours by Tim Niall-Harris.

Fruits from the Bone Orchard 2 Fruits from the Bone Orchard

“These paintings are based on classic skull symbolism and the attachment of symbolic meaning to both human and animal skulls. The skull has been used to represent death and mortality in art for thousands of years, but such reading varies with changing cultural contexts”.
Tim Niall-Harris Skull
“In Elizabethan England, the Death’s Head Skull image without the lower jaw was used as a symbol for bawds, rakes, sexual adventures and prostitutes. Emblematic of The Libertine and often the wearing of a half skull ring would be used to advertise their station either professionally or otherwise. This series of work takes the form of large format paintings”.
Tim Niall-Harris

For over the 25 years, Tim has been painting parrots, macaws, grouse, game birds and exotic bird species of the world. He is one of the UK’s leading avian artists. His paintings in oil and watercolour have taken him on travels all over the world in search of subjects for his paintings. When not travelling in search of inspiration and exotic bird species Tim paints the birds that surround his Bothy studio in the the Highlands of Scotland. 

Go check out his work today and get inspired!

Fruits from the Bone Orchard 1

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