Dr Lakra skull drawing

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Today we want to show you one of Dr Lakra skull drawings. It is a portrait of a woman with skull on vintage magazine.

Jerónimo López Ramírez from Oaxaca, Mexico, is a self-taught illustrator and tattoo artist who signs his works as Dr Lakra. He tours bazaars and libraries worldwide looking for surfaces to draw upon, including classical print editions, magazines, postcards, film posters, and photographs. These materials often contain political and cultural subjects featuring portraits of politicians, seductive advertising images, wrestling figures, and personalities of Mexican popular culture such as Pedro Infante.

Dr Lakra is also a collector of the traditions of body art. His own tattoos reflect his experiences with the Maori, Thai, Chicano and Philippine cultures. His works combine these designs with countless symbols that come from urban gangs, comics, the prehispanic culture and religion. Dr Lakra blends humor with the macabre in an attempt to challenge the ways of life and traditional social structures. By drawing a line between what is vulgar and what is marvelous, his drawings re-establish the conventional ideas of beauty, good taste, and individual identity against collective identity.

Beautiful women half skull poster

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