Dave Sanchez Mexican Skull Tattoo

Dave Sanchez Mexican Skull Tattoo. Dave Sanchez grew up with a typical childhood engrossed in Hispanic culture.

“My earliest memories were always drawing. I don’t think I ever picked it up, I think I always had the natural desire to want to draw. In elementary school it was the only real subject I was good at. It was the only thing I got excited about. I feel like it’s kind of a blessing to always have that desire. It helped to push me where I’m at right now without having to try. Almost like a gift. Not to draw but to want to.” explained Dave.

It was the natural internal desire to create art that ended up saving him from a life of nine-to-five. Dave would continue to spend his free time drawing and painting. From those drawings, he developed a signature style of art that allowed him to transform his art into a career.

Dave Sanchez Mexican Skull Tattoo

Dave’s work is not limited to just Día de los Muertos art. He is also an accomplished in pin up, script, portraits and color work. Dave has yet to reach the peak of his artistic career. He has maintained his childhood passion to draw and still gets excited with each and every tattoo and painting.

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