Darning foot practice – skull

Darning foot practice – skull by Johnathan Roberts. Johnathan was born in 1988 and spent just under twenty-three years of his life in Bay City, Michigan. He is a dreamer, queer, ramen slinger, japanophile and aspiring graphic novelist.

Darning foot practice - skull

A darning foot is a sewing machine attachment used in quilting. More specifically, a darning foot is a type of presser foot. Each type of presser foot produces a different stitching look, and darning feet are used for the free-motion quilting technique. Darning feet are also called free-motion feet.

If you have never come across the contraption known as the darning foot, it can look a little odd when compared to the normal presser foot. It can even seem awkward at first to learn how to use a darning foot. However, it is an essential tool for free-motion quilters and fabric artisans to use when sewing decorative creations with thread. While the quilter moves the fabric, the darning foot keeps the fabric from coming up with the needle. With a little practice, your darning foot can become an invaluable tool.

Free-motion quilting creates fancy patterns and designs by using a template while machine stitching. This technique is recommended for advanced quilters, as even those with many years of quilting experience may need quite a bit of practice to master the free-motion style. The length of the stitches is controlled by the sewing speed and how fast the quilter turns the fabric. Practice is needed to be able to control stitch length to match the markings on the pattern. Both hands are often required to guide the fabric under the darning foot.

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