Cover by David Drummond

‘He Who Laughs, Lasts’  Josh Freed

There’s only one antidote to our speed-crazed, tech-obsessed, gluten-sensitive, password-plagued, financially-jittery, fitness-phobic, fatness-fearing world—and that’s laughter. He Who Laughs, Lasts takes the hassles and headaches of everyday life and converts them by alchemy into humor.

This is the latest hilarious collection from Josh Freed, winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humor — and twice named Canada’s best newspaper columnist. Studies show laughter adds several years to your life, Freed recommends that readers take two pages of this book each morning—and live longer. Recommended by pharmacists!

David Drummond is founder and principal of Salamander Hill Design, based in Elgin, Québec, Canada. Salamander Hill Design, founded in 2002, produces projects that include posters, book covers, promotional materials, magazine illustration, packaging and identity development. Their work has appeared regularly in AIGA (American Institute of Graphics Arts) design competitions, AAUP (American Association of University Presses) Cover and Jackets Competition, Communication Arts Design Annual and Print magazine’s Regional Design Annual as well as the Coupe Annual Design and Image Awards Issue.

Cover by David Drummond

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