Body Painting by Alex Hansen

This Sugar Skull Body Painting by Alex Hansen is gorgeous! Sugar Skull makeup combines stunning face paint with various flowers, beads and any other props. Skull-inspired makeup have become a popular way of honoring Día de los Muertos. The sugar skull has influenced the face painting and costumes that can be seen alongside the more traditional skull-shaped masks in Día de los Muertos celebrations.

Alex Hansen, born in Brazil but now residing in Montreal Canada, is a Free Lance Artist specializing in Air Brush Make-Up, BodyPainting, sculpting and Mural painting. With over 25 years experience in the profession, his passion for detail while illustrating areas of expertise in airbrush application and technique, allows him to create virtually any look imaginable. He has competed numerous times winning multiple awards all over, and has done special effects work in movies such as “300”, “Death Race”, “The Aviator”, “The day after tomorrow” and “Immortals”.

Alex has uniquely re-defined “every day life” into a surreal universe of colors, sensual textures, brilliant lights and complex moods. As a 3 time World Champion for Special FX and Airbrush Body painting, Alex Hansen enjoys teaching seminars and makeup classes all around the world sharing his techniques, entertaining and inspiring the artistic communities with his open personality.

He has so many images and ideas to show the world so visit him online, so you can experience his art style to its fullest impact imagery:

Facebook: Alex Hansen Art

Websites: Cameleon,  Model Mayhem

Body Painting by Alex Hansen

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