BellyCosi Mexican Skulls

BellyCosi Mexican Skulls by Annamaria Cacciapaglia. In art she signs her work with NmR. Annamaria was born in 1985 in Bari, South of Italy, where she lives and works now. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce e Bari, and she took the agree in Decoration in 2012.
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BellyCosi Mexican SkullsAnnamaria created this doodles that she called “Bellycosi” in the June of 2012, for play with some material taken randomly: plaster and papier-mâché for heads and glass bottles for bodies. She makes the characters taken from her paintings and illustrations.

We love her doodles and that she has fun with art. This is not a good time for art in Italy, but we think that the crisis helps creativity. She promises to work permanently with her art in the future.

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