Be Street French Urban Magazine

Be Street French Urban Magazine. Be Street is more than a basic magazine about urban culture and all it offers as far as art, music and fashion are concerned. Inside and beyond its pages, there is a solid experience based upon collaborations, encounters and an united community. If you prick up your ears, you will hear a heart beating under the various covers and even beyond. Be Street has definitely its own spirit and attitude.

Be Street French Urban Magazine

Be Street’s team has always worked on each release with the same infectious desire to promote and be part of this culture. Big names such as Shepard Fairey, D.FACE, Fidia Falaschetti, Joe King, Chris Parks, Iain MacArthur, Shibuya have followed one another on the magazine, and it’s only the beginning because there is a lot more to discover.

Be Street members have always been substantially driven by two mottos: never limit yourself, always go further. The events naturally result from innovative ideas and original concepts. One goal: make them become an extension and a way of enriching the editorial approach, so that each encounter with the readers would be memorable.


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