Skull Stationery Set

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Not every handwritten note needs flowers and lace. Assouline offered a stylish skull stationery set and notepad for the discerning rock 'n' roll enthusiast. The set included envelopes and cards, a notebook, and a silver ink pen. Plain black with just the simple white skull and white with black skull. Unfortunately they are sold out.

Never Done Drugs by Philip Dunne

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Have a look at Never Done Drugs by Philip Dunne. This illustration is about people comment on how psychedelic Philip's art is and where that comes from, it’s about playing with people’s perception of the artist behind the art. Dublin-based Philip Dunne uses pencil, pen, ink, watercolor and digital coloring techniques in Photoshop. Since the age of 6 he has been ...

Skull tattoos by F Cheung

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Tattoos and tattoo related imagery have seen a huge rise in popularity over the past few years. One of the enduring tattoo designs is the skull. From a simple skull to skull and crossbones to flaming skulls and skulls intertwined with roses, there are many forms of skull tattoos. Often symbolizing power, triumph or the memory ...

Bicycle Skull Playing Cards

Bicycle Skull Playing Cards feature a Skull and Cross Bones design pulled from The U.S. Playing Card Company archives. Each Bicycle Skull Deck has a Skull and Cross Bones design on the card backs, special Ace faces, standard faces for the other cards in the deck, and one double-backed card for magicians. First released over ...

Skull Photographs by Mario Monforte

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Skulls have been used as art and decoration for centuries, but have gained immense popularity only recently. Skull imagery is tremendously popular and in high demand. Today I want to show you amazing Skull Photographs by Mario Monforte. “Memento Mori” is an installation of 12 photographs, in which Mario Monforte reinvents the Vanitas. Based on the dystopian ...