Skeleton drawings by Death By Crimson

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Today we want to show you some amazing skeleton drawings by Death By Crimson, a young, talented, self-taught artist.  She has a variety of art styles including anime/manga, abstract/surreal, realism, graphic arts, paintings, and sometimes tattoo designs. Check out her page if you want to see more!

Valdaro Lovers

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Valdaro Lovers are a pair of human skeletons discovered by archaeologists at a Neolithic tomb near Mantova, Italy, in 2007, just 25 miles south of Verona, the city where Shakespeare set the star-crossed tale of Romeo and Juliet. The two skeletons appear to have died or were interred facing each other with arms around each other, thus ...

Eagle Skull ink design by Edward Miller

Here is another awesome Eagle Skull ink design by Edward Miller. We have featured some skull ink designs done by Edward before (Skull Ink Designs by Edward Miller) and here we are again with this amazing one! Some of his ink designs are available as prints at Visit his Facebook Fan Page and Tumblr for more skull ink designs and drawings.

Hardcore Absinth Green Exitus

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Absinthe is the drink of choice for those who like their alcohol on the extremely potent side. Absinthe is historically described as a distilled, highly alcoholic beverage. Essentially it is a neutral spirit infused with myriad herbs and botanicals, centering around anise, fennel and a specific type of wormwood, Artemisia absinthium, from which absinthe takes its name. It’s understood now that hallucinations ...

Skull illustrations by Fran Cáceres Beffermann part II

We have featured some skull illustrations done by Fran Cáceres Beffermann before but here we are again with some illustrations not featured in that post. Fran is a visual artist specialized in different types of drawing techniques and illustration. Her work is inspired in the latino culture. She combines this with meditation techniques, which is projected in her mandala creations. Her work is inspired ...

Skull Snowflake

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When moisture condenses and freezes on a window, some say that Jack Frost has stopped by, leaving the lacy pattern as a souvenir. Grace your panes with paper skull snowflakes. Craft Lady Abby has a tutorial showing how to cut out a snowflake with skulls. Her sugar skull-inspired theme adds such an unexpected and beautiful edge to this ...

Amazing Carved Pumpkin O’Lantern Sculptures

Check out these amazing Carved Pumpkin O’Lantern Sculptures! The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze is a 25 day long event held every October leading up to Halloween. This year’s epic jack-o-lantern festival features over 5,000 hand-carved pumpkins arranged into sea monsters, human skeletons, dinosaurs and other spooky sculptural forms. The event is Held in Croton, NY and is open to ...