Dots of Anatomy

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Dots of Anatomy by Fabian Kohen from Orlando, USA. In this project he created parts of the body using very small dots. He spent a lot of time drawing parts of the human skeleton and muscle groups. This is completely done with a fine tip pen and dots to make up the image.  He is a graphic designer with a great ...

Wayfarer skull

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Wayfarer skull by Umer Ahmed, a young graphic designer from Oslo, Norway. He is very passionate about design. He quickly adapts to different styles, whether it's classic, modern or experimental, he approaches things differently every time to improve his style.Go check out his work on deviantArt and Behance.

Skull tattoo by Jondix

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Check out this stunning Skull tattoo by Jondix, a musician, tattoo and visual artist from Barcelona, Spain. He is one of Spain’s great tattoo artists, and certainly one of the top protagonists of Eastern religious and esoteric tattoos, with a highly sophisticated ability to make superbly detailed mantras, geometry, knots and mendhi-influenced patterning that is both powerful ...

Skulls tattoo by Jon Pall

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Skulls tattoo by Jon Pall, LTW Tattoo Studio in Barcelona, Spain. He has been doodling and drawing professionally for about 20 years. He started out as a tattoo artist, then he was off to school to study classical animation. After school Jon worked on designs for video games and TV.You may also like Skull and roses tattoo by Jon ...

Illustrations by Rhys Owens

Illustrations by Rhys Owens, an inspiring digital artist and designer from Swansea, United Kingdom. His body of work is comprised of an assortment of surreal characters which are created using a range of traditional and digital techniques. He experiments with photography, illustration, and digital 3D to create his own unique style. His style stems from his interest in pop culture ...

Skull Victory Over Ignorance

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Skull Victory Over Ignorance by Magnus Gjoen is a stunning limited edition giclee print features Sebastiano Ricci's Allegory Of France As Minerva Or Wisdom Who Treads Ignorance Underfoot and Crowns Martial Virtue. To create this image Magnus first built a virtual 3D base outlining it in illustrator, and then meticulously shadowing and highlighting in Photoshop. Sebastiano Ricci's ...

Skull and flowers tattoo

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Skull and flowers tattoo by Xenija Woskresenskaja, an artist from Belarus. Xenija designs tattoos in a variety of styles,  such as Japanese and traditional. In other tattoo drawings, Xenija uses a completely different style, utilizing gradients, highlights and shadows to create contrast instead of creating strong silhouettes with outlines. The quality of hers varied styles points ...

Skull sleeve tattoo

Incredible skull sleeve tattoo by Kostas Baronis Proki at Proki Tattoo studio in Athens, Greece. Check out his extremely impressive portfolio.Sleeve tattoos are usually an assembly of small and large designs and they are put together with backgrounds designs. Those tattoos are preferred by man but you can see an increasing number of women wearing sleeve tattoos. 

Skull Portraits by Nicolas Obery

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We want to show you Skull Portraits by Nicolas Obery. He is an excellent French illustrator who has for example worked with Adidas. In a series Fantasmagorik, he presents some incredible portraits in a monochromatic style, with great use of light and shade. Awesome white on black vector masterpieces.Fantasmagorik is a series of impressive creations, halfway between portraits and digital sculptures. ...